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BORDEAUX French Boutique

BORDEAUX French Boutique

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Boutique Details

40, Cours de l’Intendance
33 000

Phone: 05 56 23 89 15

Our boutiques are re-opening as from the 14th of May with new opening hours. We have taken all necessary measures to create a safe environment for both clients and staff.

Please contact us directly by phone to know more about our new services and opening hours.

La Maison Maille BORDEAUX

170 years after opening the first boutique in Dijon, La Maison Maille has open in the heart of Bordeaux.

Taking pride of place is a row of gleaming, ingeniously engineered taps. For it’s here, drawn by hand, that your selection of condiment is freshly filled into earthenware pots and carefully sealed with cork stoppers. Delicate vinegars, playful vinaigrettes, luxurious tableware and unique gifts for food lovers are also to be found, all accompanied by inspiring food tips and recipes to take home with you.

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