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Back to Black Truffle Mustard

Back to Black Truffle Mustard

09 September, Maille Foodies -

Our iconic mustard is back!
Learn about foraging truffle and get inspired by our favourite ways of using the Maille Black Truffle and Chablis mustard.


Bonjour Bonjour!. 

At Maille we love the intense, rich and earthy flavour of our Chablis and Black Truffle mustard and we are so excited about its return that we've been immediately thinking about dozens of possible ways of using it.

We’ve asked around our team to discover what their favourite Black Truffle recipes are. Get inspired by their answers!

Just simply boil pasta, drizzle with olive oil, add a tablespoon of mustard and some grated Parmigiano to top. This is the quickest and easiest, gourmet recipe you can cook at home …according to me (laughs).”  Harry

I fry onions with mushrooms; in a little bowl I put the sour cream, add a full spoon of mustard, add to the pan and stir with the rest for one minute and then I pour the black truffle sauce over pasta. I think that’s the way I prefer it.”  Noemie 

“(makes up a bizarre story which is completely unrelated to food) …is that appropriate? Is that what you do with Black Truffle mustard? You spread it just on toast, I guess…” – Richard

“I... (mimics the stirring movement with his hands in the airI like it with mash potato” – Clyde 

I do like it in scrambled eggs… is that acceptable? Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on top… there’s nothing not to like about it!”  Ruth

I love dipping grilled chicken bites in it. I probably put (emphasises) way too much mustard on each bite, but I just love it!” – Elena 

Is your mouth already watering? For more foodie inspiration, check out our black truffle recipes:  

Black Truffle Mac & Cheese Cauliflower puree with Black Truffle mustard smoked salmon blinis with black truffle mustard spaghetti with olives, tomatoes and black truffle mustard scrambled eggs with black truffle mustard
black truffle mac and cheese cauliflower puree smoked salmon blinis

spaghetti with
black olives
and cherry tomatoes

scrambled eggs

Bon Appétit!
Les Bloggers Maille

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