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Claude Monet and Maille

Claude Monet and Maille

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It is well known that Claude Monet was what we call today a “foodie” and a creative food explorer at that, he aimed to always please his guests with the best of foods available, in many cases also introducing new additions to traditional ways of cooking and eating.

Maille Blog pots Claude Monet and Maille


This is especially evident, in the fact that his garden has been claimed to be one of the first known organic references to garden, think today's organic food we find in the market, using only natural ingredients to fertilise his garden, cookbooks, essays, lectures, and biographies have detailed Monet’s love for food and of course as a Creative food explorer he used Dijon mustard.

Surprisingly enough when he visited London the only French Dijon mustard he would have been able to find was Maille. This is because Antoine Claude Maille was one of the very few French brands listed as official suppliers to Queen Victoria.

Maille Blog old jars Claude Monet and Maille

At our Piccadilly boutique you can experience some of the flavours Queen Victoria would have had in that exact same period, proof of this also lies in our famous Queen Victoria pots, we find many times in shipwrecks at the bottom of the English Channel whilst they were on their way to Hampton Court, full of mustard.


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