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Cornichon in our everyday diet

Cornichon in our everyday diet

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We mostly eat 13 varieties of vegetables from the 3000 available to us, this has a huge impact on the environment and our health, so in this blog I’m sharing the magic of cornichon in our everyday diet.



Bonjour Bonjour!


This month, we are celebrating the hidden hero of the kitchen pantry. The food to which Cleopatra reportedly attributed her good looks, cornichon have been attributed healing effects since 850 BC. But new research shows that the crunchier, smaller, and cuter cousin of the pickle might just be the key to lifting your spirits and reducing stress of those who consume it regularly.


These little guys help control blood pressure, increase digestion, bone growth and improve muscle building (that’s probably why an Australian Rugby team was spotted drinking the juice and munching on gherkins on the sidelines to prevent cramping).


The French really were onto something when they said that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. By changing the bacteria in your gut, you can positively affect your mood and brain function. Recent research from the University of Paris revealed that psychobiotic rich foods—specifically gherkins, pickles, yogurt and sauerkraut—have a significant impact on our overall happiness. The study, led by Michel Lejoyeux, showed that ingesting foods like gherkins at least three times a week can enable the gut to produce more serotonin (the happy hormone) which, when absorbed, is like a neurotransmitter that stimulates the brain and acts as a natural antidepressant, resulting in happier you). Positive health benefits were also noted on those suffering from chronic stress, low mood, or anxiety-like symptoms. So by simply incorporating psychobiotics - such as Maille cornichon – into your meals, you literally chose to be happier! (Food CAN make you happy after all!)


For years, we have taken pride in offering a distinct, recognisable flavour and texture that offers something the regular cornichon simply cannot. Handpicked before reaching maturity, Maille cornichon are placed in specially designed vinegars within an hour of harvesting and seasoned with tarragon to provide that distinguished crunch, extra-tart bite and piquante flavour that is exclusive to the brand. Try one of our simple cornichon recipes to add unexpected flavour and texture in your dishes, eat cornichon on their own, or enjoy a cornichon guacamole type dip. A little bit of joy in every bite.

 Maille Avocado guacamole

Maille Avocado Guacamole dip


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