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Easter Recipes

Easter Recipes

With over 30 flavours of mustards, vinegars and cornichons, Maille gives you the opportunity to explore and create different dishes every day, in this blog I’m sharing Easter recipes for a marvellous table


Bonjour Bonjour!


Easter is upon us and Easter recipes are everywhere.


Easter recipes are everywhere this festive period, but why do we almost always have lamb? Partially because its in season, sometimes because of religion and other times because its simply traditional, but how did it become a tradition?

It’s been around as a traditional dish in mid spring since antiquity, the ancient Greeks used lamb for their sacrifices, as did the ancient Hebrews as we know the story of Abraham from the genesis, Easter however as a Christian celebration using lamb was established a few hundred years earlier when the pope adopted a whole roasted lamb to feature in the Pope's Easter Dinner. Muslims consider lamb one of the cleanest meats in their fasting diets, its everywhere in many religions and cultures.

But the Easter period is not only about lamb, on the run up to Easter day, many cultures almost turn vegan to lent before the big Easter day feast. Vegetables, pulses and meat free dishes are the key dietary intake for almost 50 days before Easter and in addition to the seasonal vegetable crops available and the need to cleanse after a long winter, we see incredibly creative and flavoursome meat free dishes take the central stage of dinners.

In this blog I am sharing with you my top-secret Lamb recipe, for Easter, slow roasted lamb with mustard, garlic, oregano and chamomile. But also, some meat-free dishes that complete a beautiful meal.



À la prochaine,

The Mustard Sommelier




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