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Fire Up the BBQ

Sink your teeth into our BBQ bundles - perfect for creating a special BBQ sauce recipe or when smothering on grilled meats or vegetables. Here are a special selection of gourmet ingredients to suit any BBQ occasion.

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Claim your free Un Diner A La Carte gift when you purchase any bundle on this page. The Un Dîner à la Carte Giftbox includes:

Sun-dried tomato, Espelette pepper and white wine mustard
Lemon and garlic and white wine mustard
Parmesan cheese, basil and white wine mustard
Pesto and arugula mustard with white wine

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Free gift with purchase
Summer appetizers

Summer Appetizers Selection

This splendid selection of ingredients will give you the perfect assortment you need for BBQs, snacks and twists on classic cocktails – excellent for any Summer get-together.

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Gourmet Essentials bundle

A set of complimentary and versatile ingredients and a knife for the modern cook

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Gourmet Essentials bundle
Luxury Vinaigrette Collection

The Luxurious Vinaigrette Collection

This is the perfect collection for all salad adoring foodies, who love to create their own vinaigrettes.

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Cornichon Classics Selection

Perfect for picnics, gourmet dining or even simple classics like the grilled cheese sandwich, this versatile cornichon selection will give you a variety of delicious flavors that bring a touch of something special in every meal.

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Cornichon Classics