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10 ideas of easy, healthy, and flavourful recipes

10 ideas of easy, healthy, and flavourful recipes

Sitting in my home looking outside, after weeks of bad weather, the brightness of the sun has appeared. It gives me inspiration to cook and eat lighter, healthier meals. Cooking is a magical time when we shut everything out and enjoy creating beautiful tasty dishes, that are packed full of nutrients and flavor. My explorative nature and passion for exciting my taste buds feels at ease when I cook, but they’re often weighed down by heavy sauces and big meals. The promise of spring, however, gives me motivation to eat flavoursome dishes without the guilt trip. We have put together a list of recipes that are just that. Recipes that are healthier and lighter yet flavourful, to help you prepare your weekly menus. So get creative! After all, mustard and vinegar intensify flavours without complexity. Don’t forget to share your creation with the hashtag #FlavourIsMadeToBeExplored



À la prochaine,
The Mustard Sommelier

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