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What to cook for Christmas?

What to cook for Christmas?

Bonjour Bonjour!

So you have already thought of what your are doing this Christmas period, who you are inviting, or who put themselves on the invite themselves, yes there are those too during Christmas. But all that won’t matter on the day, as long as you know what to cook for Christmas right?

Exactly! the stress of the menu is what hits your conscious pretty hard, this is because you have a vague idea, from your online research, chats with colleagues and friends based on what they are cooking and you think “I got this its in my head” Then you start getting those ‘kind reminder” emails from all sorts of newsletters you have signed up for, like don’t forget your Christmas tree order on time, or don’t forget to get your pet a gift for Christmas day, all these things we need to remind ourselves with this busy time of the year. But apart from food with most things you can nip down and grab from the stores all the way up to Christmas eve. That’s when that mumble in your head turns to a nightmare of so much to choose from and how do I narrow it down?

So here comes your saviour menu suggestion, call me Angel if you must! but I have put together this well-rounded menu of easy, but thoughtful recipes for the “most wonderful time of the year” and to ensure it really is one! That is all of course until the Vegan, dairy and gluten free eater friend of a friend is suddenly invited! But as a foodie I am sure you can play around with these recipes in order to accommodate!

So here goes:

1. The starters

You can go for a simple, easy, yet cosy and delicious raclette

maille raclette

Or a variety of warm veggies

warm veggies

2. The main

Choose from an elevated tasty chicken recipe

chicken recipe

Or a traditional Turkey on the table

traditional turkey

3. The Desserts

Bake Christmas mustard cookies

mustard desert

in advance for those Holiday nibblers that like to explore on Christmas day. Or go for the many desserts on this list

They all taste amazing, are easy to make and have simple ingredients whilst the mustard or vinegar in them makes these delights Festive show stoppers!

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