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Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic

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With over 30 flavours of mustards, vinegars and cornichons, Maille gives you the opportunity to explore and create different dishes every day, in this blog I’m sharing my tips for the best summer picnic.


Bonjour Bonjour!


It’s that time of the year where you can’t wait to go out and enjoy the glorious sun, the warm wind against your face and of course some fresh summer flavours for the rumbling tummies and nothing is better than a summer picnic, to enjoy these feelings.

I find however that at that stage I just want to have delicious food that is quick and easy to make, because all I really want to do is just get out there, in a park, on a beach or even a forest maybe with a lake, getting my point by now?

This is the brilliant thing about mustard it assists in creating flavoursome and tasty dishes in no time.

The next important thing about having a picnic or preparing snacks for the road is good storage for transporting, I religiously take care of my Tupperware and I always have a handy set of forks, knives, glasses, corkscrew, blanket etc I also wanted to share with you my top tips for a picnic or on the go snacking:

Watermelon is perfect to transport whole and cut on the spot, not only will the sent fill the air with summer fruits but it will drench your thirst from sitting in the heat.

Before storing any dry based foods (I.e sandwiches) in a container, wrap them in brown paper before, this will keep them moist enough without getting soggy to enjoy at your destination.

Store everything in a cool box, that way everything stays fresh even on a beach and it’s so much easier to carry around until you find the perfect spot for your picnic.

Before you lay your blanket down make sure you clear the spot of and rocks or branches before.

Finally, don’t forget the easy snacks to add variety like olives, cornichons and nuts.

Maille spatchcock chicken

Maille Dijon Original Spatchcock chicken


Maille cornichon tapenade

Maille Cornichon tapenade


Maille Spinach dip

Maille Honey mustard Spinach dip




À la prochaine,

The Mustard Sommelier


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