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Maille's best Summer BBQ recipe's

Maille's best Summer BBQ recipe's

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Maille has been making mustard for 270 years, we know BBQ extremely well, in this blog I will talk about some of Maille's best BBQ recipe's



BBQ season is here and this really is an area I feel most comfortable with, an Aussie that turned out to love mustard so much he became a mustard Sommelier, so I feel I rightfully own this corner because barbecuing, grilling and marinating goes hand in hand with mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise right? 

The thing is that mustard is not only for meat, but it became associated with it since the early 13th century, but why? 

Food knowledge on preserving was simply not widespread and of course fridges did not exist, but they believed that as mustard was antibacterial if you ate it with bad aged meat you would avoid getting sick, today me know this is a myth however it was enough to stick in our heads for centuries that mustard was only to be consumed with meat. 

So back to the BBQ! As an Aussie we literally grow up with the first cooking lesson being the BBQ, we would be sent out to clean the hot plate on the barbie, which would have us salivating because you could smell the previous BBQ smells and you also knew what was coming!

The most important thing in a BBQ is patience, you need to marinate for at least 1 hour, and you need your meat and veggies to be just above room temperature otherwise you end up with tough meat and soggy vegetables.

Here are some of my best BBQ recipes, why not tell me what are yours @mailleuk



BBQ Skewers

BBQ Skewers


Caramelised Beef steaks

Caramelised Beef steaks


BBQ vegetable Wok

Vegetable BBQ Wok


Maille tahini recipe

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Maille Tahini dip


 Maille Honey and balsamic dip

Honey and balsamic dip


Maille Aubergine antipasto recipe

Aubergine antipasto


À la prochaine,
The Mustard Sommelier

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