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Flavour Explorer quiz

Food profiles -

Maille has 270 years of history in food exploration, we know flavours extremely well, Ingredients have character, so if you were a food what would you be.



Ingredients have character and evidence of this comes from ancient times, when people were characterized as a different ingredient, “he is everywhere, like parsley” or “she is sweet as cinnamon”.

The point is that the flavour profile of an ingredient is what makes up dishes and wither we like them or not, here are some examples of characteristics in foods:


Cinnamon has a sweet, woody fragrance, this makes us feel relaxed, excited, and pleasant.


Is an incredibly intense spice with a strong and distinctive aroma. It is nutty and slightly sweet as well as warm, so could remind you of someone straightforward yet lovely and lively.



With a fragrant aroma faintly resembling anise and a warm, sweet, aromatic, mildly pungent flavour, this could be a person who is humble yet opinionated.


Mint tastes sweet and produces a powerful cool effect on the palate, this is your cool aunty, lively yet refreshing.


Do you see where I am going with this?

So if you were a flavour what would you be?

Take our quiz and find which recipe suits you.


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